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standard detail retreatment

+ Standard Detail Re-treatment

It has been 3 months since you waxed your car. Quite possibly, your car surfaces have accumulated embedded watermarks, stubborn stain, and wash swirls. Surface hydrophobicity is not as strong as before, leading to more dirt retention. It is now time to remove the old wax and defects. In the..Read More

timeline wash

+ Car Wash

A waxed car will help to make the washing process much easier. A good practice is to wash your car whenever it is dirty; usually in 1 to 2 weeks basis. If your car is always parked in a dirty and outdoor environment, you may need to wash more often…Read More

standard detail day 1

+ Standard Exterior Detail

Your car is now protected with Notty Shield Wax. Notty Shield wax is an extremely water repellent wax that does not attract dust. The protection will slow down your car deterioration for months. Before Treatment After Treatment Above Surface Condition Score (Loose Dirt and Mild Stain) 70% 95% Under Surface..Read More