Buff and Shine Uro-Cell Pad – 7″ Blue Cutting


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Buff and Shine’s Uro-Cell Foam Pads, are designed for a wide variety of polishers and buffers, including standard dual action and random orbital machines, gear-driven DAs, and rotary (high-speed) polishers. If you use a long-throw or long-stroke dual action polisher, we suggest you use Buff and Shine’s Low-Pro Foam Pads, which are specifically designed for these machines.

The Uro-Cell pads use closed-cell foams which greatly reduces absorption of chemical so that chemical remains in contact with the paint surface much longer. This yields more efficient buffing and quicker paint correction times. All Uro-Cell foam pads have high tensile strength, which means they are highly resistant to tears and break-down. You will find that these pads last longer than other pads you might have used. Buff and Shine’s also uses only high-performance adhesives to increase the durability of the hook and loop material.

Buff and Shine’s Uro-Cell Pads come in three grades: the Blue pad is the coarsest for heavy paint correction, the Orange pad is for medium grade polishing, and the Red pad is great for final finishing as well as application of wax or sealant. Pad is recommended to use with 6 Inch backing plate.

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