Lake Country Hybrid Pad- 5″ Blue Light Cutting


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Lake Country Hybrid Pad uses ultra dense foam formulation to keep abrasive in the chemical close to the surface of the pad. This reduces polish absorbing into the pad and improve in correction time. In addition, it is constructed with a 45 degree bevel to the velcro for safer and consistence buffing experience. Velcro size is designed to fit nicely on the Flex 3401 dual action polisher.

Velcro size for 5 Inch pad is 10.3cm or 3.75 Inch
Velcro size for 6 Inch pad is 14cm or 5.5 Inch

Pad Aggressive level according to highest to lowest
Hybrid Wool Cutting Pad
Orange Cutting Pad
Blue Light Cutting Pad
White Polishing Pad
Black Finishing Pad

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