Notty All Purpose Cleaner


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NOTTY ALL PURPOSE CLEANER is a highly versatile cleaner that can be used on virtually all surfaces. It is specially formulated to be a low-foaming cleaner, making it an ideal choice to be used in conjunction with a extractor. Depending on its dilution ratio, it can be used to lift stubborn stains and grime off your floor mats, but also gentle enough to be used on leather and fabric materials. Truly living up to its name of an All Purpose Cleaner, its varying dilution ratios to cater to different needs makes it an effective and economical choice for both professional detailers and enthusiasts alike.

1 – Dilute product to desired strength.
2 – Spray product liberally onto affected area.
3 – Agitate and clean with a brush or MF cloth.
4 – Wipe off excess product.

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