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Pre- Service FAQ

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It is best to protect your new vehicle as soon as possible. The longer the car is exposed to the environment while unprotected, the more susceptible the paint is to extensive damages and defects such as swirl marks and water spots.

Having the car coated as soon as possible will greatly reduce the extent of these damages and therefore allowing your car to look its best for the longest time possible. It also greatly increases the ease of maintenance, hence saving both time and money in the months to come.

A regular wax treatment can last up to 6 months before it totally wears off and requires re-treatment again.

Our Quartz Coating can stay intact on the paint for up to even years as it can only be mechanically removed via polishing.

However, the protective qualities of the Quartz Coating will still deteriorate over time and defects such as swirl marks and water spots will still occur, albeit at a much slower rate as compared to an uncoated car.

A realistic lifespan will be approximately:

Single Coat – 12 months
Dual Coat – 18 months

It is important to note that regardless of the type of paint protection, contrary to common belief, these coatings do age and deteriorate over time and require re-application to ensure maximum protection for your vehicle.

It is strongly recommended to treat the interior surfaces. Though brand new, your car have gone through many people, the dealership, workshops, inspection centres, and others. Thus it is best to do a thorough clean, and have it protected right off the bat to prevent any extensive damage in the foreseeable future.

Our interior cleaning process will be as follows:

  • Interior Vacuum,
  • Leather, Vinyl and Plastic cleaning using specific cleaners
  • Vinyl and Plastic Dressing
  • Leather Conditioning

You may also opt to have our Quartz0 FLEX Leather Coat applied, instead of the traditional leather conditioner, for a stronger and more durable protection.

Benefits of Quartz0 FLEX Leather Coat include the following:

  • Resistant to Dye Transfer
  • Hydrophobic
  • Oleophobic
  • Chemical resistant
  • UV Protection
  • Prevents fading and cracking.

It is important to know that a quality detailing job takes a great deal of knowledge, skill and time to deliver.

Though different detailers have different processes to maximize efficiency, it is undeniable that time remains a compulsory factor to ensure a high quality result, and more time required will directly translate into higher labor costs. The time spent on a detail can vary widely from simple 2 hours to an extensive 50 hours or more depending on expectation. Also, more often than not, quality products will also lead to higher material costs.

With these factors considered, we are confident that our pricing will ensure that you are getting the best value for money.

For the single coat system, Quartz-0 FLO Top Coat will be applied as a stand-alone protection. It is water-spot resistant and super hydrophobic. 

For the dual coat system, Quartz-0 High Density Base Coat will be applied first, followed by Quartz0 FLO Top Coat being layered on top. Quartz-0 High Density Base Coat is extremely hard, but with poor hydrophobicity, thus a topper is recommended.

The main difference between the two systems is the durability and longevity of the coating.

Single Coat – 12 to 24 months with proper maintenance
Dual Coat – Up to 36 months or more with proper maintenance

However, it is important to note that defects such as swirl marks and water spots will still occur over time.

For the single coat system:
Approximately 4 hours, may vary slightly depending on car size and paint condition.

For the dual coat system:
Approximately 6 hours, may vary slightly depending on car size and paint condition.

The coating does help to significantly reduce the occurrence of these defects and damages, but it does not totally eliminate them.

For example, due to the presence of the hard coating layer, more force or contamination will be required to instill swirl marks into the paint during the wash process. Also, because of the chemical resistant nature of the coating, it will take a longer time before the bird-poo can etch into the paint surface as compared to an unprotected surface.

Proper maintenance will still be required to fully maximize the lifespan of the coating and have your car looking its best for the entire time.

Though it is largely up to personal expectations and discretions, it is generally recommended to follow the regime below:

  • Wash when dirty- generally weekly basis
  • Wax (NOTTY SHIELD): 3 – 6 months basis
  • Single Coat (QUARTZ-0 FLO): Re-treatment on a yearly basis.
  • Dual Coat (QUARTZ-0 BASE + FLO): Re-treatment on an annual to biennial (every two years) basis.

No, though you are more than welcome to stay.

We offer flexible drop-off and collection options, whether it is early in the morning or late at night.  It is common for our customers to drop off and pick up their cars during odd hours.

For any of our services, you can enjoy free parking during your visit.

Booking can be made through our website or manually with us.

We have designed a comprehensive online booking system that is able to adjust the available resources based on date and time so that customers can save the hassle to check back and forth for our schedule. By booking online, you will have access to the customer portal where you can view, track, and cancel your appointment. The portal will also send an email reminder a day before your appointment.

Alternatively, you can also contact us directly to make an appointment via phone, whatsapp and sms.

We accept booking as long as we are available on your chosen date which can even be on the day itself. For pre-chinese new year period, please make an appointment as early as 1.5 months in advance.

Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty for QUARTZ-0 Coating that covers these conditions:

  • Minor spot correction for embedded birdshit or stain.
  • 1- time single panel re-treatment after respray due to accident.
  • Re-treatment if the coating is completely gone under normal maintenance condition; without the use of harsh solvent and abrasive polishing agent.

What is not inclusive:

  • Re-do after a new full respray or car wrap.
  • Removing watermark.

We believe that a warranty program should be responsibly offered in line with how an average car owner will maintain their car. 

Over our decade in business, we have seen some companies promise a long warranty period tied with stringent conditions that are hard to meet and many times require forking out additional cost to maintain or fix the issue, if not the warranty will be void.

If long-period of warranty is your thing, be sure to understand the terms and condition that comes with it.

We prefer to keep things simple, fair and realistically for majority of the car owners.

The quality of coating and the technique used in applying it are crucial to achieving optimal results.

Contrary to many beliefs, not all coatings are the same, as each product has its own unique formula. Every detailer also has its own interpretation and method of application. Hence, end result varies widely across everywhere.

While coating has its limitation, we have yet to come across any wax that protects better or has the longevity of a decent coating in our decade in business. Coating is not a necessity but it is at least for now the best type of applied-on protection you can give for your car.

After Service FAQ

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  • Wash the vehicle with a pH-neutral shampoo when it is dirty- (eg. Every week or every fortnight).
  • Use proper and clean wash mediums during the wash process.
  • Apply QUARTZ0 LIQUID SHIELD or NOTTY SUPER DETAILER after each wash session.
  • Do not use any products with harsh solvent and micro-abrasives. These include strong acid and alkaline cleaner, polishes, cream-based wax, etc.

Water alone is a poor solvent for road grime and oily stain. Unless the car is not expose to such element, it is strongly recommended to continue using pH-neutral automotive shampoo to wash the vehicle. Shampoo also provides more lubricity and thus reduces the chances of instilling swirl marks and scratches into the paint surface.

Wax that contain harsh solvent and abrasive must be avoided as they will have a direct impact on the coating.

Secondly, pure wax or sealant while it does not directly affect the coating, may not last as long as intended. It will also temporarily change the surface tension. For example, if the chosen wax attracts dust, causes watermark, and has poor water repellency, your car surface will reflect that until the wax wears off.

Generally, a quick detailer or coating maintenance product recommended by the same coating company is the ideal choice.

For fresh birdshit stain, soak a tissue with water or quick detailer and stick on the stain and wait for it to soften before gently wipe it away.

For embedded stain, polishing is required. In most cases, the coating will also be gone after polishing. This will be a common problem with cars parked outdoor under direct sunlight.

If your car is always parked under such conditions, the more economical way is to go for the single QUARTZ-0 treatment and redo at an annual basis as compared to doing the more expensive dual coat system and re-treat at a longer interval.

Once a coating is cured, it will be chemical resistance against all regular shampoo. 

However, the coating can still be affected by mechanical abrasion. Using a dirty cloth and wiping with unnecessary pressure is able to scratch the coating even when used solely with water. Therefore, a proper wash technique is equally important in maintaining the longevity of the coating.

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