Notty QUARTZ-0 HIGH DENSITY Base Coat – 30ml


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Notty QUARTZ-0 HIGH DENSITY(HD) Base Coat – is formulated with both high volume and purity of silica content that will harden and crystallise into a dense coating over your vehicle’s surfaces. It creates an incredibly hard finish that is of very high clarity and strong chemical resistance. HD Base Coat will bond very firmly to your paint finish at a molecular level, and protects it from weathering, UV-damage and light wash scratches for years.

HD Base Coat is the hardest and most durable coating in the QUARZT-0 line. HD however has average hydrophobicity performance and is not ideal to be used as a stand alone protection. It is recommended to layer QUARTZ-0 Q1 or QUARTZ-0 FLO on HD Base Coat for best results.

Made in Japan

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