Notty Shield Wax – 250g


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NOTTY SHIELD WAX is a synthetic paste wax that is specially formulated with a special blend of polymers and natural carnauba aiming particularly at durability.

It boasts an impressive effective lifespan of up to 6 months, even in the harshest of environments. SHIELD WAX provides water repellent effect that rival any wax or even coating on the market, and does not attract dust like traditional waxes do.

SHIELD WAX is extremely easy to use. It goes on with very little resistant and buff off with ease.

1 – Apply onto the surface with a foam or microfiber applicator.
2 – Gently spread and wipe evenly.
3 – Wait for at least 1 minute before buffing.
4 – Use a clean microfiber to remove most of the product then flip to a clean side to remove all the excess.

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