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+ QUARTZ-0 Single Quartz Re-treatment

It has been a year since you first coated your car.

Quite possibly, your car surfaces have accumulated embedded watermarks, stubborn stain, and wash swirls. Surface hydrophobicity is not as strong as before, leading to more dirt retention. It is now time to polish off the old coat and remove the defects.

In the re-treatment process, a more aggressive polishing approach is used to abrade off the defects before a new coat is applied.

If the car is poorly maintained, there will be some waterspots remain. The overall condition will be restored to above 90+%.

Before Treatment After Treatment
Above Surface Condition Score
(Loose Dirt and Mild Stain)
50% 95%
Under Surface Condition Score
(Scratches and Watermark)
80% 90+%