Notty All-In-One Cleaner


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ALL-IN-ONE CLEANER is the go-to product to use when you need a strong and safe cleaner. It uses a powerful solvent with added silicone to clean, protect and shine in just one single step. It is also safe to use on almost all surfaces.

ALL-IN-ONE CLEANER is ideal for different purposes such as:
Removal of tar spots
Removal of tree sap
Removal of bird poo
Removal of bugs
Removal of general stains

Not only does it leave a layer of hydrophobic protection, it also leaves behind a slick and smooth feeling to touch.

It comes in a concentrated formula that is dilutable up to 1:9. ALL-IN-ONE CLEANER is a top favourite among detailers for its effectiveness and efficiency.

1 – Spray product onto a microfiber towel or directly onto the affected area.
2 – Gently wipe or rub the affected area.
3 – Flip to a clean side and buff to shine.

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