Notty Iron De-con Cleaner


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NOTTY IRON DE-CON CLEANER is a pH-neutral iron remover that quickly breaks down ferrous particles that comes from brake dust, rail dust, and other airborne industrial fallout that can be embedded in automotive paints after a drive.

NOTTY IRON DE-CON CLEANER possesses a colour changing effect that allows you to actually see the ferrous particles being dissolved and broken down. The pH-neutral formula makes it a safe product that can be used on wheel and body surfaces.

NOTTY IRON DE-CON CLEANER greatly reduces the prep time and labour required during the decontamination process, making it an ideal choice for both professional detailers and enthusiasts alike.

1 – Spray product liberally onto affected area.
2 – Let dwell for several minutes.
3 – Rinse off thoroughly.
4 – Carry on with standard decontamination process.

CAUTION: Do not allow the product to dry completely on the surface.

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