Notty Refresh


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NOTTY REFRESH CLEANER is the ultimate cleaner for coated vehicles and glass surfaces.

NOTTY REFRESH CLEANER helps to dislodge ferrous particles and other industrial fallout while at the same time deep cleaning the coated surface, restoring the initial hydrophobic performance of your coating. NOTTY REFRESH CLEANER contains ingredients that will remove wax and sealant, hence should not be used as a maintenance product for surfaces protected with wax. Surfaces will feel dry after cleaning with REFRESH, therefore, it is recommended to add a quick detailer or sealant after cleansing.

1 – Apply product onto clean MF cloth.
2 – Wipe product evenly onto wet vehicle.
3 – Rinse off thoroughly.

CAUTION: Do not allow the product to dry completely on the surface. Avoid rubber and delicate surfaces.

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500ml, 5L